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SmartAgain® brings new opportunities to additive manufacturing

SmartAgain® is a specially engineered Nylon (mainly PA6) and Polyolefin (mainly PP) alloy. It is suitable for almost every FDM 3D printer.

It develops very fine crystals during printing, which leads to great printability and unique soft-touch smooth surface.

Printed objects are tough (strong but not rigid) with excellent hydrolysis, electrical, thermal and chemical resistance properties.

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Broad application possibilities with new features

Thanks to its special alloy nature, SmartAgain® works like the traditional engineering polymers but is much easier to print and adds interesting features that traditional polymers don’t have.

It performs like nylon but not moisture sensitive; like PP but with broader working temperature window; or like ABS but with soft-touch. It is suitable not only for professional use, but also for hobbyists who want to make something different from the PLA models.


High quality 0.3mm layer height printing

Thanks to its unique surface morphology, high melt strength and special crystallization kinetics, when printed at 0.3mm layer height, SmartAgain® doesn’t bring a coarse low quality finishing.

Compared with the counterpart model printed under 0.4mm nozzle with 0.2 mm layer height, the 0.3mm layer height model has only slightly lower layer adhesion and mechanical properties, and is visually hardly distinguishable. But it reduces around 40% printing time. If it is printed under 0.8mm nozzle, up to 70% of printing time can be saved!


Elegant, detailed and soft-touch

SmartAgain® responds accurately to the movement of print nozzle. Its surface morphology is comparable to natural silk.

The printed models are precise and detailed with an unique elegant matt surface and a comfortable soft touch and feel.


Can print difficult structures by single extruder

Difficult (or design free) structure is often a challenge for FDM technology. Common solution is to use a dual-extruder printer and a second water soluble or break-away support material. It is a slow and costly solution.

For models whose support structure is not inside the model, SmartAgain® provides a good alternative. As the support material for itself, it can be printed by a single extruder printer, which takes 30% to 50% less printing time. The model surface in contact with support is smooth, after the support structure is broken away.


For every FDM printer

SmartAgain® is printable at cold, warm and hot environment. It works reliably on entry level printers when printed at conditions around room temperature.

When using industrial printers, engineers can adjust printing environment temperature to reach desired mechanical properties, which is a similar approach in injection molding by playing with mold temperatures.

Ideally the build plate temperature should be only slightly higher than printing environment, which brings homogenous property to printed models. With SmartAgain® it is certainly workable!


More examples printed from SmartAgain®

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